This is a Selfportrait NOT a selfie. Which version do you prefer?


Baroque in Naples

Baroque in Naples

Holland Series: Air Conditioned in Amsterdam

Air Conditioned is older than you believe. This is an old way for refreshing yourselves. Still used in Amsterdam J

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre means to play music, leggerezza, love, listen, sing, poetry, witness, baroque and contemporary, art and life, colours and blackandwhite, smile… please continue


I chose black and white for this picture because it represents the archetype of the employee. It’s time for lunch. He is alone and resigned: today it is like yesterday and like tomorrow. Thanks to Federico Piana

Happy Birthday Roma

Romeing is about something you can find only in Rome. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the foundation. Happy Birthday dear Rome

Gente di Bis

Bis, Take Away, Roma. Iniziamo a conoscerci tutti. Questo è un ritratto di Federico. #gentedibis