Napoli dai mille cuori

Semplicemente Napoli. Città dai mille colori e dai mille cuori

Simply Naples. City of a thousand colors and a thousand hearts


Coloring the Subway

Coloring the Subway. Damn camera (iPhone 8 Plus)

Caged (in Red)

A city in prison. Tourists as invading troops overwhelm the city and appropriate the lives of Venetian citizens

Caged (in White)

A city in prison. The city, motionless, seeks salvation from the waters

Caged (in Blue)

A city in prison. Venetians are prisoners of the past, they are real people who move through memories of other ages.
PS Have you ever tried to look at the beauty of the city through the bars?

The End of Contemporary Art

The End of Contemporary Art . Today people need to touch, to interact

Face on the Wall

Face on the Wall. Biennale Arte 2017, Venice