Sacred Hand

Ripropongo la foto che avevo intitolato Sacred Hand. In prima pagina del quotidiano la Repubblica oggi troviamo una mano sofferente con una flebo attaccata e un appello perché l’Europa tenti di fermare il massacro del popolo curdo. Che le stimmate di Gesù possano dare forza a chi soffre

I propose again the photo I had titled Sacred Hand. On the front page of the newspaper la Repubblica today we find a suffering hand with a drip attached and an appeal for Europe to try to stop the massacre of the Kurdish people. May the stigmata of Jesus give strength to those who suffer

Happy Birthday Music Exchange

“We’re celebrating 50 years of our regular Euroradio music exchange. Over the last five decades, EBU radio organizations have built the world’s most prestigious virtual concert hall. Each week, millions of listeners enjoy unique musical performances from the greatest venues, representing every genre from hip-hop and folk to opera and symphonic music”.

9 February: Safer Internet Day

Brussels, 8 February 2016

In the European Union (EU), the proportion of internet users having experienced certain common security issues over the internet – such as viruses affecting devices, abuse of personal information, financial losses or children accessing inappropriate websites – stood at 25% in 2015. In other words, three-quarters (75%) of internet users encountered no such online security problems in 2015. More Info

Ps Let’s know something more about European Union!