A flower for you Sunday. Relax and look at this Waterlily


Holland Series: Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

I think this is a nice shot of Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

The Swan

The Swan. Dying? Living? Happy or sad? It is a good occasion to listen to (again) Le Cygne by Camille Saint Saens

Holland Series: Air Conditioned in Amsterdam

Air Conditioned is older than you believe. This is an old way for refreshing yourselves. Still used in Amsterdam J

Looking for the Right Light

Don’t miss the Vermeer Centrum in Delft. It is a very good way to start your knowledge about Vermeer. And to beguin to love him

Per non dimenticare

‪5 settembre 1938. Tutti i docenti e gli allievi ebrei sono espulsi dalle scuole, dalle accademie, dagli istituti di cultura. È il primo provvedimento del fascismo per la “difesa della razza”. Seguirà il 7 settembre il decreto sull’espulsione degli ebrei stranieri. Pietre della memoria a Rotterdam e Utrecht. Non dimentichiamo

Italy, 5th September , 1938. All Jewish teachers and students are expelled from schools, academies, and institutes of culture. It is the first provision of fascism for the “defense of the race”. The decree on the expulsion of foreign Jews will follow on 7 September. Stones of memory in Rotterdam and Utrecht. We’ll not forget