One Sentence, One Contest

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans

Khalil Gibran

Two days remaining to partecipate to H2O for Peace. Hurry up! It’s free, it’s for people who cares about Human Rights. Take your iPhone or smartphone, iPad or tablet, shoot three photos. Edit them and send to website. The Foundation Bell of the Fallen – Rovereto, NEM New Era Museum and all the people living without water are waiting for your contribute

H2O for Peace – A Contest for Human Rights

Daily notice for all the people who want to give testimony for human rights. The 21st of May it is going to finish time to send your photo to H2OforPeace Contest. It is for free but very important. And you just need your smartphone or tablet. Go!

Utility iPhone

Ho visto che è stata aggiornata l’app di Easyjet con l’adeguamento per utilizzare Passbook, l’utilissima applicazione per iphone che consente di tener insieme comodamente carte d’imbarco, buoni acquisto eccetera. Nelle “liste complete” che ho visto in giro ci sono un bel po’ di omissioni. Per esempio la Tap, compagnia di bandiera portoghese, che utilizza Passbook già da un po’. Approfitto per segnalare che un’addetta alla sicurezza di Fiumicino mi ha detto che di alcune compagnie non accettano il formato elettronico. Non mi ha saputo/voluto specificare quali. Chi sa qualcosa per favori lo posti qui sotto tra i commenti. Nello stesso tempo Apple potrebbe fornire la lista -completa e aggiornata- delle applicazioni Passbook compatibili?

Printed or not printed

Media owners hold the power to influence the speed of the transition from print to digital in the immediate future, but the transition is inevitable in the long run.

There are hundreds of millions of tablets due to be sold over the next two or three years and there will be a billion or more smartphones out there before too long, a large percentage of Americans will own an e-reader by the end of this year.

There is huge appetite from people to read on these devices, but one shouldn’t underestimate that while there is an audience and there are devices, it is also up for media owners to decide how much they encourage that migration. There are issues around privacy, channels, packaging, bundling and all sorts of things.

There are all sorts of ways in which one can incentivise or disincentivise the transition, which might not necessarily make a difference over a 5-10 year period but over a one year to 18 month period, the actions of media owners will have an impact on this speed. The market trends are all in favour of quite a fast transition but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a fast transition.