Omaggio a Daumier

I pulled out of the drawer an old photo. It is a kind of a tribute to Honoré Daumier. The title is Bourgeoisie at the Theater. What about it?


Musica + Foto=Parco della Musica

Sono davvero contento di ricordarvi l’appuntamento con il Pollock Project sabato 12 alle 21 al Parco della Musica. La collaborazione con il New Era Museum, il contest Impossible Humans Unexpected Happening IHUH rende il concerto un luogo di incontro tra suoni e immagini davvero affascinante. Ricordo anche che da venerdì 11 a sabato 26 marzo la Galleria Lancellotti in Piazza Lancellotti 3 a Roma proporrà la mostra collettiva di tutte le foto. Ok vi ho sistemato il fine settimana…

Impossible Humans – The Unexpected Happening Awards 2016

I am happy to announce that my photo Multi-Selfie won the IHUH Ginger Magazine Award. IHUH means Impossible Humans the Unexpected Happening that is the a photography project promoted by NEM – New Era Museum, in technical partnership with Impossible and Native Instruments. I want to say lot of thanks to the Jury and to the staff: you have been wonderful. Here you have all the awards. Stay tuned, there is a concert on 12th of March at Parco della Musica (Rome) with Pollock Project, and an exhibition in Galleria Lancellotti in Rome… Meantime, here it is my Multi-Selfie. I took the photo in Helsinki, in the Kiasma Museum. The title of the exhibition was “Face to Face” showing the many forms of contemporary portraiture…