Sweet Were the Hours

Sweet Were the Hours. And Now? Do you prefer present (colours) or past (black and white)?


Stolen Portrait. In the Sun

Stolen Portrait series. In the Sun. Youth, summer, desire to live, joy, sun, spritz, friendship …

…quam minimum credula postero

Almost Noon but they wrote “Carpe Diem…” Do you like latin poetry? Do you know this quote? All is about time. Maybe you could read “Il buio e la meridiana” on Amazon and Apple iBooks Store

La creatura

La creatura. Ovvero uno strano oggetto che dovrebbe assomigliare a un binocolo. Però non ho mai visto una persona che abbia una distanza di 20 cm tra i due occhi…

The creature. That is a strange object that should look like binoculars. But I have never seen a person who has a distance of 20 cm between the two eyes …


Panorama è un ricordo di belle giornate e di luoghi bellissimi. A destra il paese di Monteferrante, a sinistra il lago di Bomba. Sullo sfondo il litorale abruzzese

Panorama is a memory of beautiful days and beautiful places. On the right the village of Monteferrante, on the left the Bomba Lake. In the background the Abruzzo coastline


Dummies. Like bodies without life. Like the naked truth behind the lie. Like lost humanity. Like the end of a comedy that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth

Light Game

Light Game (and a Tree). When you have the sun in front of you, when you are photographing at the wrong time, it is a challenge to come up with something good