Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre means to play music, leggerezza, love, listen, sing, poetry, witness, baroque and contemporary, art and life, colours and blackandwhite, smile… please continue


Michael Gilbertson

Michael Gilbertson was finalist in Pulitzer Prize 2018 for Music. Who knows him in Europe? Enjoy

Mirabilis Harmonia On Air

I am proud to remember you that the concert of Mirabilis Harmonia La Passione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo will be broadcasted for the Euroradio Season – EBU today at 12 AM (italian time). You can listen the program on different radio of EBU, e.g. BBC3, Catalunya Musica, etc If You are italian you can listen the ensemble on Vatican Radio at 9.30 PM with Orazio Coclite reading excerpts from gospel. Mirabilis Harmonia: Susanna Valloni baroque flute, Valerio Losito baroque violin and viola d’amore, Ulrike Pranter baroque cello, Angela Naccari harpsichord, Giorgio Tosi baroque violin, Ilenia Tosatto soprano. Music by St Alphonsus Maria de’Liguori, G P Telemann, G M Po “il Finale”, H I von Biber etc

Mirabilis Harmonia: rehearsals in Vatican

Old instruments, new instruments

An interesting interview with Arnold Dreyblatt. I appreciate a lot this artist. He is not just a composer but a video artist (and above all a web artist).

Here is his site. On Youtube you can listen his music. LIke this