Stolen Portrait. Dulcedo et Subtilitas

Dulcedo et Subtilitas. Sweetness and determination in a photo stolen on the bus



Wonder is the feeling we should have at an exhibition. Being one with the paintings. Show the joy that is in us

Stolen Portrait 01

I was having my lunch in Amsterdam. On the other side of the table there were two nice girls. So nice, so Japanese. I couldn’t resist. I took a photo…

Busphotography. Die Sonne

I call this photo Die Sonne because in German the sun is feminine. I took this picture secretly, on the bus. The strength of the sun and the brooding face of the girl intrigued me. And her face seemed to become sun itself


I chose black and white for this picture because it represents the archetype of the employee. It’s time for lunch. He is alone and resigned: today it is like yesterday and like tomorrow. Thanks to Federico Piana

Double Portrait

Double Portrait is my personal homage to Alfredo Volpi, a major Brazilian artist born in Lucca in 1896. The Nouveau Musée National de Monaco – NMNM (Villa Paloma) is presenting an interesting retrospective dedicated to the painter. The exhibition will be open until May 20th. Ps As you know, I like to mix artworks and visitors…