Same Old Rome

A light black and white to facilitate the path of the two sisters



Wind has something of sacred in itself. It removes the clouds. It shines from the darkness


Do You remember When that fat old sun in the sky is falling, Summer evening birds are calling. Summer Sunday and a year, The sound of music in my ears….(Pink Floyd…). I don’t know what this cat is thinking but it is great to see him in the sun

Ospedale Ospitale

Il chiostro medievale dell’ospedale Regina Margherita è il cuore di Trastevere. Al pomeriggio lo troviamo pieno di mamme e bambini che giocano. La storia li incornicia e i pazienti si sentono parte di una umanità e non dimenticati. Una perla tra le tante che, nonostante tutto, offre la città di Roma

Busphotography. Die Sonne

I call this photo Die Sonne because in German the sun is feminine. I took this picture secretly, on the bus. The strength of the sun and the brooding face of the girl intrigued me. And her face seemed to become sun itself

Busphotography. The Musician

Actually you can meet wonderful people on the buses. The Musician is one of them

The Smell of the Night

The Smell of the Night. Adrenaline. Urban adventures