The Diver

Il tuffatore. The Diver


Looking Higher

Looking Higher, to the air, to passion, to eternity…

Ritratto di una Musa

Portrait of a Muse is the tiitle of this shot. Just a few words: Polimnia, Canova, Venice, Accademia, Muse, Art, Light

Dedicato a Denis Versweyveld

I met this artist in Rome. I was so curious to see his opera and so I discovered his website:
This is what he wrote:
I have been intrigued with connecting common still life objects to columns, tables, posts, etc, to present these items as both sculpture and monument. The old cemetery that abuts my property has head stones and obelisks that are simple and direct. These monuments, and the architectural forms, details and materials used in our early 19th century home and studio have influenced and inspired my work. The timbers used in the building, the joinery, the textural quality of plaster and lath and the way these materials receive light are all part of what I respond to.

I like this artist and his way of thinking of time