I think that sometimes the place you visit is not really important for some tourists. They just want a selfie to share on social media


Multiselfie 2

Multiselfie 2 was taken in Lyon, France. I had an award with Multiselfie some years ago. I hope someone will enjoy even the new one

The Character

The Character: 20 years old (more or less); passion for music and photography. As times goes by… Self timer

Venice Through the Bars

Venice Through the Bars is of course about this wonderful town but also about selfie, light reflections….


In Venice it is still possible to visit Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable – Damien Hirst in Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. Pop, easy-but-interesting, good-to-see exhibition. This is Unbelievable, too: Tadukheba and Me

Faccia a faccia

Si intitola Face to Face una delle rassegne attualmente in programmazione al Kiasma, il museo di arte contemporanea di Helsinki. Come è scritto nella presentazione, “…Portraiture as an art form has changed radically in recent decades as the concept of identity has altered. The idea of a ‘true self’ that can be captured in a picture is no longer regarded as tenable. Art is now seeking new ways to depict varied and changeable identities...”. Dov’è la verità in un Selfie?