I’m writing these few lines without really knowing why. Perhaps it’s to overcome the fear. The cold. The dark. Despite the locks, the boards and the other devices, I can still hear the noise of the rain and the wind quite distinctly. Especially the low frequency growls of the thunder. Just as well my mobile battery is fully charged. I’m writing in the dark. The only light is that of the computer screen. With the monitor on low, from where I am, I can scarcely see to read what I write. Doesn’t matter. That way I hope the battery lasts as long as it can. I’m wearing all I was able to find. But I’m cold inside my body. I think it’s got to do with the dark. Lack of light seems to seep into the very marrow of the bone.

Darkness is cold. I’ve never felt so alone and such a prey to an uncertain future. Even if I know that help will come soon. Even if here I have all I need to tide me over for a few days. Food and drink. Some batteries for my torch. I’ve turned it off for now. It’s like living underground. I know there’s something out there. But this something isn’t friendly at all. A monster is eating up all we built. I’m lucky to be here, live here, where everything can resist the fury of the tornado. I try to imagine what it’s like out there, as the low frequencies continue to make the reinforced concrete, the wooden beams and the walls tremble. They sound like ghosts inside me. Then a few moments’ silence, even more uncanny than the hubbub I’ve been hearing these last few days. If I write I feel better. As if there were someone in here with me. I don’t know if I’ll ever really leave this refuge. I don’t know whether I’ll ever send this text to someone either. Maybe I’ll post it on some social network or other…

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Il buio e la meridiana

Sono davvero contento di annunciare l’uscita della mia seconda fatica letteraria. Il buio e la meridiana -questo il titolo- sarà disponibile su Amazon e iBooks Store a partire da domenica 29 novembre. Anche in questo caso, come già in Max 5000, rinuncio all’edizione cartacea. Il volume è stato pensato espressamente per chi viaggia, si muove sui mezzi pubblici o semplicemente è in fila. Mi piace la definizione di letteratura mobile per device elettronici. Quattordici storie brevissime per raccontare il tempo. Utilizzo di nuovo il fortunato format di Max 5000 con un nuovo filo rosso che lega i diversi personaggi del volume.  Potete prenotare fin da ora il libro su Amazon e tra un paio di giorni anche su iBooks Store. Ringraziamenti: due persone sono state indispensabili -per diversi motivi- per la stesura del testo: Susanna Valloni e Kay Mc Carthy. Un grazie particolare va a Francesco Galluppi: quel geniaccio di grafico ha realizzato la copertina del libro che vedete qui sotto.


Happy Easter Discount for Max 5000 by Marco Di Battista

I am happy to inform you that between Sunday 20th and Saturday 26th April, amazon.com and amazon.co.uk offer a huge discount (81%- 41%) to those who purchase Max 5000 by Marco Di Battista (the cost will be less than one dollar/pound until April 22nd). Ten very, very short stories, rather like songs that sing of the daily experiences and emotions of people the author has met in Rome, Italy, above all, but also in India, the USA…
Di Battista decided to publish his Max 5000 in Kindle format only, because “The era of paper has come to an end. Thanks to epub you can carry your library everywhere you go and read it anytime. My book is written for people obliged to travel to work, to sit in doctors’ or lawyers’ waiting rooms, stand in queues all over the world”. The author invites us to read only one tale a day, to allow the contents to decant a while as we relate them to our own experience.
The Happy Easter Discount will be applied to each of three language-versions of Max 5000: English, Italian and French. Between the 20th and 22nd April 81% discount, from the 22nd to the 23rd, 61%, and from the 24th to the 26th April, 41%.

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