Strange Formats

A little joke about formats. And frames. And shots. Perspectives 🙂 Strange Formats




It is too hot to move. Relaxing tree is my choice for today (with a drop of Hipstamatic)

High Temperatures

If it is too hot, with high temperatures, just sit down in a comfortable position. Be silent for several seconds. Listen


Siccità, Drought. H2O for Peace is not finished with the end of the contest. Please continue to post your photos, or even thoughts, about water as a Human Right. Use the ashtag #h2oforpeace on your favorite social media (you can also use the h2oforpeace page on Facebook, or tweet them to @campanacaduti)

The Boss is Back

Fifteen days on holiday: no posts, no photos, no internet, no social. Today I am back. Are you still there? I am ready to share lots of emotions with you. Did you buy Max 5000 and/or Il buio e la meridiana? They are the best tales of this summer…

Vacanze? Encore 02

Rieccomi dopo oltre una settimana. Sono tornato a Roma e ho lasciato, per ora, la mia amata Sicilia. Nei prossimi giorni commenterò con voi qualche foto. Intanto ben ritrovati. Dopo il post del 23 agosto ho preferito tacere e riposarmi anche con il blog. E voi dove siete? Lavoro, studio, vacanza…