Italia, estate

A me piace con il Campari. Lo spritz…


Strange Formats

A little joke about formats. And frames. And shots. Perspectives 🙂 Strange Formats



SiccitàDrought. H2O for Peace is not finished with the end of the contest. Please continue to post your photos, or even thoughts, about water as a Human Right. Use the ashtag #h2oforpeace on your favorite social media (you can also use the h2oforpeace page on Facebook, or tweet them to @campanacaduti)

The Boss is Back

Fifteen days on holiday: no posts, no photos, no internet, no social. Today I am back. Are you still there? I am ready to share lots of emotions with you. Did you buy Max 5000 and/or Il buio e la meridiana? They are the best tales of this summer…