Sand in a glass. To stop wind. To stop Time. To be out of this stupid summer


Past Tense

Past Tense is a portrait in a mirror. The mirror of time. The time gone in a portrait. Thanks to Raffaella Castelli

Tempus Fugit

Time flows. How futile it is to try to measure it! Darkness will come and delete everything



Elsewhere is a private photo. It is a kind of intimate selfportrait and in the same time it is about time. It has the guts to be universal

Don’t Measure Time

Time is just a perspective of space. So throw away your watch. Lost Hours Gallery

Time Lapse

I called this photo Time Lapse (Hipstamatic Tinto 1884 lens, D-Type Plate film). It is about my disease about Time passing. I wrote two books (find them on iBooks Store or Amazon), and I am still writing, I tried to imprison the time taking photos, but