Tourbillon. Le belle ville sul Brenta sono lì per essere visitate e per far rivivere i fasti del passato. Chi riconosce questa Villa?

Tourbillon. The beautiful villas on the Brenta are there to be visited and to revive the glories of the past. Who recognizes this Villa?


Love Story

I took Love Story at Punta della Dogana in Venice. The title of this artwork by Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros and Stéphanie Saadé is Souffles d’artistes (Omaggio a Piero Manzoni). The two artists in love blew in the same balloon and so they captured a moment of their love. They breathed together and in this way invited all lovers to do the same. I used black and white so that you can give the colors you prefer to your love story, breathing together with your loved one

People @Palazzo Grassi 2

Visitors at La Pelle – Luc Tuymans. The Magic Portrait. The exhibition in Palazzo Grassi will end in January 2020. As usual I love to shot photo with visitors and artworks

People @Palazzo Grassi 1

Visitors at La Pelle – Luc Tuymans. 2017/2019. The exhibition in Palazzo Grassi will end in January 2020. As usual I love to shot photo with visitors and artworks. To be continued


Homage to Elio Fiorucci

At Ca ‘Pesaro (Venice), from 23 June 2018 to 6 January 2019, an exhibition pays tribute to Elio Fiorucci. A man who has challenged, and perhaps changed, the world of fashion and culture. This is my personal Homage to Elio Fiorucci. Thank to Hipstamatic

Philosophy in the digital age

Until November 25, the Prada Foundation (Ca ‘Corner, Venice) presents the exhibition Machines à penser, curated by Dieter Roelstraete, a project that explores the correlation between the conditions of exile, escape and withdrawal, and the physical or mental places that favor reflection , thought and intellectual production. The exhibition focuses on three fundamental figures of twentieth century philosophy: Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969), Martin Heidegger (1889 – 1976) and Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). The last two philosophers have shared the necessity of creating their own place of intellectual isolation during their lives: Heidegger has spent long periods of his maturity in a cabin in Todtnauberg in the Black Forest in Germany, while Wittgenstein has retired in several moments of its existence in a shelter located in a fjord in Skjolden in Norway Here we see the idea of a hut stylized by the artist and trivialized by the visitor who has the bulimia of photography.

The Passage

The Passage. Yes I took it in Venice…