Sos Acqua – Sos Water

Un appello. In questo periodo ci stiamo lavando le mani molto spesso ma non dobbiamo dimenticare di non sprecare l’acqua. Non dimenticatelo. L’ACQUA è più preziosa del petrolio. Dobbiamo evitare di trasformare l’emergenza da virus a emergenza ambientale

An appeal. In this period we are washing our hands very often but we must not forget not to waste water. Don’t forget it. WATER is more precious than oil. We must avoid transforming the virus emergency into an environmental emergency

La Biennale Arte 2019 – Appetizer

GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG Written by Water. For his contribution to the Biennale Arte 2019, Marco Godinho turns his attention to the ambivalent relationships that mankind entertains with the sea. In Written by Water, he sounds the depths of the Mediterranean Sea as both a territory of real-life adventure and tragedy and a collective imaginary space. Spectators dive into a liquid world of imagination, reflection, and contemplation that encourages them to project their own histories onto a multilayered canvas of constantly changing, seemingly inexhaustible impressions. By staging human learning and remembering as continuous processes of writing, erasing, and overwriting, Written by Water lets viewers experience history as an essentially ungraspable flux of personal and collective destinies


One Sentence, One Contest

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans

Khalil Gibran

Two days remaining to partecipate to H2O for Peace. Hurry up! It’s free, it’s for people who cares about Human Rights. Take your iPhone or smartphone, iPad or tablet, shoot three photos. Edit them and send to website. The Foundation Bell of the Fallen – Rovereto, NEM New Era Museum and all the people living without water are waiting for your contribute