Marco is a journalist, musicologist and producer for Vatican Radio. He is a creative person and has a lot of interests. He is a self-publisher (Max 5000 on iBooks Store and Amazon) and a blogger (marcodiblog.com). He is a photographer. He loves Apple products (He started with MacOs 6 on SE long time ago and he never bought a pc), design, basketball. Music is his life.


Marco has been working for Vatican Radio from 1990. He began his career writing concert reviews in Italy and soon started to produce recordings and programs and to work with EBU European Broadcasting Union, representing Vatican Radio as a music expert.

His work has spanned from conducting interviews to creating and hosting a progressive show on new classical music entitled “New Music” as well as organization of international conferences on music education. In 1998 he commissioned four music pieces on the text of Ave Maria prayer to four different composers of electronic music. In 2013 Marco produced a program in thirteen episodes titled Introduction to Gregorian Chant with Professor Giacomo Baroffio, the most important musicologist studying this kind of repertoire. Out of Vatican Radio, as a journalist he had lots of different experiences. He wrote his first article when he was 22. Responsible for a newspaper of showbiz pages (music, theatre, tv…) early nineties, Editor-in-chief of two magazines: Defrag (urban art, design) 1998-2007, Basement, Sounds and Urban Beats 2006-2010


University of Rome “La Sapienza” — Degree in History of Music with 110/110 cum laude, 1989; Specialization Course in Musicology, 1990


He is an expert in linking journalism and musicology. This means to study music and to pay attention to all kinds of new and emerging media platforms for dissemination of music.

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