For Your Eyes Only

Meyecelium is an exhibition of the new works by Sandro Kopp. At Palazzo Grimani – Venice – until October 10th. Each painting is a portrait of one of the eyes of a friend or relative of the artist, made during the last two and a half years of their life, surrounded by precious metals – gold, silver, platinum – which further ennobles the paintings and establishes a relationship with traditions related to the creation of images from ancient Egypt, to Byzantine icons, to the golden mosaics of Torcello and San Marco. Our eyes are mainly information receivers, but also powerful communicators of our personality and emotion. These organs that allow light and sensations to penetrate our bodies are also the main emitters of our presence and the mediators of our connections with other people. The paintings were made in many different places around the world: in Kopp’s studio, as in hotels and cafes, in parks and gardens. The different settings can be captured by observing the reflection in the irises, which often include a tiny self-portrait of the painter’s silhouette and the surrounding environment. The title of the exhibition alludes to the network of organically cultivated relationships and friendships that surround each individual. Kopp is half German and half New Zealand based in the Scottish Highlands


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