Street Stage

Street Stage. Here everything seems false and instead it is true. The position of the chairs and tables seems to have been chosen to host actors who will play their own comedy. In front, the trunks divide the scene from the stalls, the true from the false. But which way are we?

Love Story

I took Love Story at Punta della Dogana in Venice. The title of this artwork by Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros and Stéphanie Saadé is Souffles d’artistes (Omaggio a Piero Manzoni). The two artists in love blew in the same balloon and so they captured a moment of their love. They breathed together and in this way invited all lovers to do the same. I used black and white so that you can give the colors you prefer to your love story, breathing together with your loved one


Pistolettata l’ho scattata alla mostra dedicata a Michelangelo Pistoletto nell’ambito degli eventi collaterali della Biennale Arte 2017. Magari nei prossimi giorni ne posto delle altre. Questa la trovo significativa. Chi mi conosce sa che mi piace fotografare i visitatori delle mostre e inserirli nelle opere…