Colors of Ancient Rome

Colors of Ancient Rome. Looking towards the Colosseum

Facce de Trastevere

Facce de Trastevere. Volti che incontro tutti i giorni e che raccontano storie diverse, vissute nel cuore della città di Roma. Faces that I meet every day and that tell different stories, lived in the heart of the city of Rome

Crossing the Road

Sottrazioni, With this photo I participated in the “Obiettivo Accessibilità” competition organized by the Order of Architects of Rome. It is called Sottrazioni (Subtractions) because in a simple pedestrian crossing the safety of walking due to loose stones and of crossing indications with crosswalk almost completely erased is lost. On the other hand, the problems of walking and seeing the elderly should be helped. Thanks to those who organized this competition: we make our commitment to a more liveable city for everyone