The courtyard is the heart of a building. We find shreds of lived life, forgotten objects


Per non dimenticare

‪5 settembre 1938. Tutti i docenti e gli allievi ebrei sono espulsi dalle scuole, dalle accademie, dagli istituti di cultura. È il primo provvedimento del fascismo per la “difesa della razza”. Seguirà il 7 settembre il decreto sull’espulsione degli ebrei stranieri. Pietre della memoria a Rotterdam e Utrecht. Non dimentichiamo

Italy, 5th September , 1938. All Jewish teachers and students are expelled from schools, academies, and institutes of culture. It is the first provision of fascism for the “defense of the race”. The decree on the expulsion of foreign Jews will follow on 7 September. Stones of memory in Rotterdam and Utrecht. We’ll not forget

Three Dreamers (in Venice)

How could I take a photo in Venice? How could it sound real but romantic, be a picture of the present without looking like a postcard for tourists? I asked for help. To the Three Dreamers


I called this photo Migrantes. Poor people is knocking on the door of the old but rich Europe. Help them, help ourselves

Joie de Vivre

Joie de Vivre means to play music, leggerezza, love, listen, sing, poetry, witness, baroque and contemporary, art and life, colours and blackandwhite, smile… please continue

Living Together

Living Together. Having a rest. Looking elsewhere.How difficult it is to live. And weary